Why I Write…

This Sunday afternoon I’d planned to bring you the first of my interview series but life happened and the piece is still being worked on. No need to worry though as I was lucky to have also been working on this little post to share with you all!

I’m feeling quite honoured to have been tagged by the beautiful Lucy Bourchier over at Something to Move in this little blog hop that’s happening out in the Wellness World blogosphere. It involves a series of questions and answers about the creative writing process. Lucy is an amazing writer and her blog is one I’ve really connected with this year. Her honesty, brilliant love for the written word, along with her desire to connect through authenticity, really shines through in her writing; I recommend you pop on over and have a read! It has been super inspiring to read about what goes on behind the scenes and in the creative minds of many other bloggers and now it’s my turn to share my own thoughts on writing!

 What am I working on?

This is a tricky one to answer. In some respects- mentally I am working on so much! But action-wise; sometimes I feel like I’m pedaling fast and getting nowhere! I continually have new ideas, concepts, plans and inspiration running through my head and I’ve definitely been going through some real spiritual shifts of late.
The challenge has been to bring some of the buzz from my brain into tangible, physical form and to steer the thoughts in a direction that inspire rather than overwhelm.

~ In the sense of Otherwiseliving I’ve essentially been working on writing from a place of truth and a desire to bring about resonance and connection with others.

~ I’m really looking forward to getting the interview series started to share some insight Otherwiseliving style through the perspective of others I admire and respect.

~ My Nutritional Medicine study is ongoing and it’s encouraging to know I should have one year worth of subjects under my belt within the first half of 2015.

~ I will be starting some Reiki training in October with the much revered Sara Brooke at The Space in Between and this is a direction I’m incredibly excited about.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

In the Wellness World of writing there is much commonality and many similar, intertwined threads that run through shared themes and ideas. With that in mind, sometimes I wonder what it is exactly that sets one piece of writing in this world apart from another. When I started Otherwiseliving there was the strong theme of food and wanting to provide people with inspiration to change the way they eat and their approach to food. However, I never wanted it to be just about that because to me food was so much more. It was a starting point or a launching pad to delve into huge, broad topics like sustainability, ethics, awareness, accessibility, social justice, creativity, gratitude, mindfulness, self…I could go on and on!

Essentially I think my writing differs in that I don’t really stick to one theme or topic across the blog. I also like to provide references and resources wherever I can. I want to share my experience with readers but I also want to provide them with some tools to support any new directions they may choose to explore post reading any of my writing.

Why do I write?

First and foremost I write as a form of expression. I’ve done this for as long as I was able to put letters into words and move words into meaning. Writing is such an incredibly powerful tool for expression and connection both with the self and with fellow humans.

I’ve always kept journals, made and written on cards and letters for people, jotted down little lines that pop into my mind, tried my hand at poetry now and then and will take an essay over an exam any day! Most of the writing I did in my twenties was private and personal but I always dreamed of putting my writing out there for more than just my eyes to see. I had to work through my own fears and doubts about the quality, validity and worth of my writing before I found the courage to start Otherwiseliving; putting my thoughts out there for anyone with internet to peruse, critique, absorb. The experience has been so very worth it though.

Secondly to expression, I write to inspire change and awareness in others about the concepts dear to my heart. I want people to live full, connected lives. I want humans to care more for themselves, more for each other, more for our world. We are so blessed and simultaneously challenged to live in this time of intense, overwhelming information abundance at our fingertips.

We know so much is out of balance in the way we connect with ourselves, others and our world but it is easy to feel powerless to make change. Much of what I write is in the hope that it stirs even just one soul towards some questioning, some research, some awareness and in doing so; brings empowerment for change.

How does my writing process work?

To be honest I’ve never really thought a great deal about my writing “process.” When I started the blog at the beginning of the year I gave myself the rough guideline of posting once a week on Sunday evenings. Every now and then I may write two posts a week and other times I only write once in a fortnight. It just depends on what’s happening around me and how I’m feeling. I never want to force the experience of writing because writing for Otherwiseliving is something I love so much and something I choose to do. I want it to stay natural and free-flowing. I try to write about topics when I’m “in the moment” and I’m feeling them. As a consequence there are often many half-finished posts that may never get published or they are picked up later down the track!

I have bits and pieces scribbled in notebooks in no particularly logical order and any recipes I come up with are rarely planned. I might suddenly decide to create something in the kitchen, be throwing ingredients in haphazardly and then decide it looks as if it’s going to turn out okay. This decision will lead to hurriedly scribbling down the approximate ingredient amounts and snapping a few photographs should I decide to post the recipe later on!

Many of the topics I write about (I feel) require a certain level of research to accompany them so some posts can take me hours to put together. Others have been written in my journals with the words just pouring out of my mind so all I need to do is transfer them from pen and paper to keys and screen.

All in all; I truly love writing! I love it in so many shapes and forms. I feel so grateful to have the tools of language to get the jumbled mess from my brain pouring out into some form of cohesion and structure. There is great therapy in this transference and I feel pretty honoured that people are bothering to read a bit of it, so thank you!

In closing this piece, I’ve reached the exciting part where I get to pass this blog-hopping-baton forward to some other lovely ladies.

The first is an ever-inspiring, super talented friend of mine Jacqui Sharples, author of “If Your Body Could Talk” and creator of Carpe Diem Wellbeing. As an honoured guest at Jacqui’s wedding I learned that her writing talents were not just confined to books and blogging; she hand wrote each guest a letter of thanks and she shared some of her beautiful poetry in her speeches. This girl has talent and heart!

The second is Alana from Luludu who blogs alongside the creation and development of her handmade, ethical shoes and home-wares store. I’ve never met Alana personally but have followed her story along the way after stumbling across her gorgeous online store and blog sit. Her passion to develop an ethical, conscious business is admirable and inspiring.

Before we part ways tonight I’d love you to take a little moment to think about your relationship with writing.

Do you keep a journal?

Scribble thoughts on scraps of paper?

Write long winded letters to people that may never be passed on?

Are you someone who doesn’t consider themselves a writer but wishes they were?

If you want a break from the jumbled thoughts floating about in your brain maybe you could give writing a try…

I wanted to find a little quote or a line about writing to leave you all with. So just now, I opened a book of poetry lying on my bedroom floor by one of my all time favourite authors- Margaret Atwood. I scanned the titles in the contents page and saw this:

A Poor Woman Learns To Write (a little excerpt)

She prints with a stick, laboriously
in the wet grey dirt,
frowning with anxiety.

Great big letters.
There. It’s finished.
Her first word so far.

She never thought she could do this.
Not her.
This was for others.

She looks up, smiles
as if apologising,
but she’s not. Not this time. She did it right…

Have a wonderful week my friends.

Soak up that full Piscean moon magic this Tuesday morning!

Love & Creativity,
Amy xxx


  • Lyndsey
    September 11, 2014

    Beautiful Amy, I absolutely loved your reason for writing….to “stir even just one soul towards some questioning, some research, some awareness and in doing so; brings empowerment for change.”

    Couldn’t have said it better, like you said our stories and reasons are very similar 😉

    Big hugs
    Lyndsey xx

  • Amy
    September 14, 2014

    Thank you beautiful Lyndsey!
    Appreciate your kind words 🙂 xxx

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