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The Birth of Jimmy

I waited so long to meet you. This is the story of your journey from my womb space to our Earth. According to the medical experts you were “overdue” but right from the beginning your Dad and I had a very strong feeling around when your arrival date would be. We had scans to check that you had ...

Self-Care in Pregnancy – Holistic Health PART 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my own Holistic Health guide for self-care in pregnancy. This is by no means, prescribed medical advice but if you are interested in approaching your pregnancy from a holistic perspective you may find some of what I share helpful. Please make sure you discuss any herbal or dietary supplements and exercise regime with ...

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait – PART 2

Continued from PART One A New Direction Maybe, just maybe, quitting work would be what I needed to fall pregnant. And maybe it wouldn’t. Whatever the outcome, I was creating space in my life for all the things I loved and wanted to spend more time doing…studying full time, spending more time with family and friends, starting a ...

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