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About Amy

Welcome to Otherwiseliving and a heart felt thank you for being here.

I created this space back in 2014 to share my many passions in life with a wider audience. Four years later and this space continues to evolve alongside changes in my own life and that of our world.

Delve into the pages and you will find writing, recipes and resources around conscious, connected living; self-awareness; optimal well-being; wholefoods and nutrition; sustainability & ethics; Reiki & Spirituality; Women’s Health and more.

I’m currently in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne, Australia. I’m also a qualified Primary School Teacher and taught for twelve years in the country, city and overseas before taking leave to focus on my passion and purpose in life; Nutrition & Energetic Healing.

I am a Mother, a life partner, a daughter, a sister, an Aunt and a friend. I love to read, write and learn.

I have an unwavering gratitude, fascination and continued curiosity for this Earthly Life Experience.

I want to live a life with meaning and purpose and I want to help others to experience that too.

Like many others who steer their life into the world of Wellness, I have experienced my own health hurdles and identified many life lessons in the journey so far. I practice a deep empathy for others looking for healing and resolution in their health and wellbeing. I come from a place of no judgment and believe each one of us makes the best decision we can, with the information we have available to us at the time. We are all learning. We are all at different stages in our journey. Sometimes we just need a little extra support along the way.

I care about Humanity. I care about the fate of our planet. I care about you.

Otherwiseliving is a way of BEING. It’s an endeavour to live life:

Aware – Whole – Well – Conscious – Brave – Connected – Alive

Otherwiseliving is ABOUT:

Nutrition – Healing – Sustainability – Ethics – Compassion – Gratitude – Creativity – Humanity – Life – Self

I will be practicing as a student Nutritionist under the supervision of expert Nutritionists and Naturopaths at Melbourne’s Wellnation Clinic during Semester 1 of 2018 and Semester 2 & 3 of 2019. I would LOVE to see you in clinic!

If we’re not already connected on Instagram, please head over to @otherwiseliving to discover more. You can also delve into my latest creative project @otherwisemother

Thank you for being here.

With Love,


Ever had that little voice scratch away inside you: whispering, sometimes screaming…

This can’t be it? This can’t be all?

There must be more than papers for the pile, pens to sign the dotted line, clocks that tick away my time…?

There is more.


Hang out here & start OtherWiseLiving to:
Heal. Nourish. Inspire.

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